Divine Mother

She Whispers – Return To Innocence

Divine Mother

Mother, I feel you under my feet

Mother, I hear your heartbeat…

This page will invite you into the presence of the Mother and her many faces, as I have known her felt her and lived her in this life.

As a mother of 6 children, I know motherhood has been one of the biggest initiations of my life and continues to be. Each child unique in their gift and challenge to my soul’s growth and experience of life here in this world.

I plan to offer out what I have grown through and what I am still growing through with each of my children as it feels for me a huge part of what I am to bring out into this world. Alongside offerings that will nurture and hold you strong in those moments where you feel all is lost.

I feel there is rarely a safe space created for the mothers in this world to go to be seen heard and felt just where they are so that they may have the space to get clear where they themselves feel challenged or unable to meet their needs and the demands motherhood places upon them.

My hope is that I can over time, create a safe place for you to drop into so that you may find something of value that will nurture the part of you that needs it most.

We will explore our divinity, our softness, our ability to nurture, our strengths and all that we can and do hold.

We will connect with our fierceness, our shadow, our fears, our loves, our rage, our joy, our desire for perfection, our need to let go of perfection, our guilt, our power, and powerlessness and all of the gifts mothering brings to life in this world.

What you can expect from me is a whole lot of truth-telling, a wicked sense of humour, my children are the funny bone in my life, a lightness, lots deep connection, with ways to deepen your connection to yourself and your children, lots of gentleness and compassion for the moments we struggle to own and forgive, so much food for thought, along with some of what I believe to be sacred offerings aimed at supporting the Mother in you.

In Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose