Meeting our Anger with love


She whispers- Return to innocence

This is an invitation to receive a transmission that will guide you through a process of acceptance for the angry one on the inside.

So that we can begin the unravelling the shame and fear that goes hand in hand with this bg emotion. It is an opportunity to face the anger in the mirror in a safe way where you will be held in a gentle energetic portal of a healing balm of light so that you may see how truly loved you are.

With the intention to create a space where compassion can be felt for this part of ourselves.

Who is this for?

It is for anyone who is feeling out of depth with the way anger is showing up in their lives.

It is for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of why the anger may be present in their lives

It is for anyone who is wanting to accept and love the more difficult parts of their personalities

It is for anyone who knows the anger present in their lives is a force of chaos and destruction rather than a positive life force for the greater good.

It is for anyone who is feeling the rage of the Divine Mother overspill into their lives because of all the sickness present in our world

It is for anyone who has never known anger as an ally a barometer of safety in their lives

What will you receive?

A recorded spoken word transmission into your emails with guided instruction on how to receive.

An Exchange of £11 is asked to receive this gift