Pleasure Revelations Day 8-15

She Whispers- Return To innocence

So beautifuls

Where am I on this jade egg pleasure seeking journey?

Well since I have begun I have been taking much better care of myself, so from reflexology to massages, to spa dates with my daughters to days out with some beautiful women who have been taking some deep dives with me this year, it is safe to say that my life is filled with pleasure in lots of gorgeous ways. Ways that are enhancing my life experience in a very positive way. Making the challenging moments less challenging or at the very least leaving me able to manage them better.

Since day 8 I did do a committed daily basic egg just after each fountain of youth practice until 2 days ago where some resistance moved through. We are just two weeks in and I definitely feel more radiant, I have a sparkle in my eye, I feel softer more in my body, even when I am walking even, more fluid, more feminine, more in touch with the pleasure of how my body moves and how it wants to move, even and especially during lovemaking.

This is huge for me, to be aware of and in my body consistently during lovemaking. As being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse it can and is very difficult to stay in the body during sex, to stay present with your lover and the pleasure rising in your body is hard and doesn’t always feel safe.

It has been an evolving journey for me to really deepen into the presence of my own body, I have found womb work, breath work, dancing, movement, massage and this jade egg practice to gift me the most with this.

It is so much easier to envision that the sexual act itself is happening to someone else, to escape through fantasy and or to totally check out completely and not even be aware of what is happening at the moment.

All of which I have done. All of which I have worked very hard on this past 10+ years so I could be engaged and fully present to my body, its right to innocent pleasure and enjoyable sexual expression. That’s true for me. Outside of my trauma or conditioning to perform a certain way.

A big part of my why to this experiment with the Jade egg practice is I work with women deeply and in a very safe nurturing loving way. I bring to them the practices that I myself engage with and that work for me.

I cannot know if something is working for me in a one day workshop, at a weekend retreat, or even through a 7-week online course.

For me it doesn’t work like that I need to live it, breathe it in deep, play with it, to truly learn about it and feel if it is something that really brings shifts in our experiences of being a woman on this planet right now.

I can’t do this with integrity if I myself don’t live it first.

With a practice like the jade egg I will have sat with it for at least 2 years after working with and exploring it myself. I don’t hold it in and keep it quiet or to myself in secret because I don’t want or trust women to have the knowledge. I hold it for a while as I want to be so sure that what I am offering actually makes a difference, and brings them what they are seeking.

Which from my experience is a deeper connection to themselves and all of life.

Another pleasurable love affect I am seeing is the strong desire to really take very good care of myself in terms of what I put into the body. I fasted most of last week, a water fast to begin with then onto lighter foods fruits and vegetables onto light hot meals. Back to fasting with clean smoothies.

My body hasn’t known for some time what it wants to eat and is looking for a cleaner way of living in harmony with all that is moving through me. So now that I no longer breastfeeding the fasting gives me an opportunity to really tune into this and listen more fully as it is like a complete reset of my system.

With the practices themselves I have noticed the last two days some resistance coming up in me, I know it now so well, now the way my life likes to distract when I am resistant to something that is actually serving me well.

So rather than give up altogether I simply connected with the egg, connecting to the crystal through dream time, letting it sleep under my pillow, I mediated with it upon my heart chakra, I held it in my hands and carried it with me most days when not using it. I slept with it in letting it rest within me with no practice as such only to let it work on my behalf. Putting no pressure on myself as such.

I am fully committed to this experience so I have looked at the other practices and I am going to over this next week commit to another pleasure essential and watch at least one of the information videos. I will fill you all in next week.

In the meantime, I hope you fill your week with pleasurable experiences that lift your heart into a place of innocent joy and lightness.

With Love Genevieve Marie Rose

P.S if you feel the need to connect to gain clarity on anything from loving your womb to your body to simply having a safe space to be heard… get in touch and book a She Whispering session…