Sacred Creatrix

She Whispers- Return To Innocence

Sacred Creatrix

We are creative beings with a desire to create and serve and when we are not creating and serving ourselves and the greater whole we become stagnant frustrated angry depressed and disconnected from the source of creation itself. This I believe is the source of much unhappiness in our world. I have quite literally healed much of my own pain through creative play and especially art. Each piece a shamanic initiation within its own right.

This creative life force that runs through our veins is an energy that is vibrant and expressive. It needs an outlet. It is how we weave beauty into this world.

When harnessed and nurtured it births and carries all of our visions into a form where it can be seen felt and experienced by those receiving. It is how our own unique souls’ vibration brings life to this world we live in. It is why we are here. To create and experience life on earth.

We are the heaven on earth connection. In this body. We are creators.

My purpose here is to awaken and ignite ALL of your passions, to breathe life into that in you that desires to create but maybe don’t know where to start. To remind you of your gifts and natural creative flow.

So that together we can create the movement necessary to inspire a connection to your own inner sacred creatrix with the intention to keep you fully awake and present to her gifts within you so that you may bring them to life with ease, excitement and a drive that says …hello I have arrived I am here these are my gifts…

My creative flow lies in painting, in art, in words, in colour, to alters, to rituals, to prayers and even this space here.

I want to guide you into exploring where your creative juice lies so we can get it flowing to support you in all the ways that leave you vibrant alive and joy filled with a real sense of connection to that which created you.

Our creativity is a blessing that gifts tenfold not only to our own joy but to the joy of the world if we can learn to be brave enough to share what naturally moves through us.

I will be creating offerings that will inspire each of you to work with your own sacred creatrix vibration so that you can move through any blocks that are present with the intention to create a more connection to your vibrancy and joy in everyday life.

In Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose