Sacred Transmissions

Here will you find a series of sacred transmissions that will be spoken as felt by Genevieve Marie Rose.

These transmissions will be inspired through my own felt and lived experiences with the Divine and those that have stepped in along the way to guide my path that has been huge catalysts in birthing in me who I am today.

We will be working with those who have loved and guided me in my own remembrance journey.

Each transmission will carry a unique vibrational activation that will leave you more deeply connected to the truth of who you are outside of what this world would have you believe.

Genevieve Marie Rose has a gift that can transport the listener to space on the inside where you can feel and be with the love of creation in ways that cannot be known unless feeling it with the whole of your being. She has the ability to gracefully move across all space and time so that the ones receiving from her truly feel a Holy sacred experience that often brings with it an immense Joy.

Leaving a lasting impression that something beautiful has just happened. Many cannot find the words for what is experienced and only know to describe it as feeling deeply loved. Moving forward in their lives to make powerful courageous life changes of the miraculous kind.

These experiences will be deeply profound and held with the deepest love and intention every single time.

In love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose

She whispers – Return To innocence