Our children, mental health and some big unanswered questions …

I haven’t slept much this last few weeks as my mind has been wandering to all the places in my own past where my own mental health wasn’t at its strongest.  Wondering how this very real experience has moulded part of my child/rens experience in this world.

I am right now watching my little girl move into an experience that is very scary for her and I am reflecting on how difficult it is to be in this 24/7 for her and for us as her parents.

I am wondering how we parents ensure we are supported better to ensure that we have what we need within to be truly present to and supportive of our child/ren in need.

How can we best support them and ourselves?

What are our own limitations and blocks as parents to getting help, the right help for our children?

Are they financial, pride, shame, guilt, and or fear or all of this to some degree? Is it societal governmental and or educational?

Where I am with my own child is, I am asking what is the need for her right now? How is this serving her to have that need met? There is a deep need not being met, if there wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here. That is a fact and it is true.

As her parent, it is absolutely my soul responsibility to find ways to meet that need so she can begin to feel safe in this world again. It may be that others also come into this experience and support her in ways that I am unable and if so it then it is about dropping into our own hearts intuition to discern what is really supporting her. So that fear is not leading and heart is. Which is very difficult.

We as parents need to discover what need has not been met, where the connection to love got lost, where the trauma began in its totality and meet it full on with our hearts compassion she can begin to feel safe in this world again?

Questions that keep a parent up living with a child moving through intense experiences on a mental and emotional level are:

What did we miss? What did we do or not do as parents to contribute to this? How could I have prevented this? Could I have prevented this? Am I to blame? Is it because I too had similar issues growing up?

No one will blame the parent more than the parent themselves which is why they too need safe nourishing spaces to drop into for their own support. Yet many parents fear to reach out for so many reasons mostly a fear of judgement that they messed up. I am so open as a part of my life-work I have seen over the year is to dismantle the shame body and give secrecy no place to hide.

So here I am late into the night diving into the whys.

The big questions that arise for me.

The why and how has this passed down through my lineage unto my children?

What is this teaching us as a family?

It is hard to see its silver lining right now when my child is hurting so much.

I instead want to scream and rage against all the things in this world and inside of me that have added to this experience for her.

As parents, we must take care of our own selves and our mental health even more so if our child is hurting so we don’t allow our own internal stress to manifest into blame of the other so that we remain solid connected and strong in the face of it. As this lets our children know it is OK you can safely fall apart without the added worry we will fall apart too! There is nothing worse than an already hurting child feeling overly responsible for hurting adults.

That is not their job. It never has been. so we big people need to get our shit together and keep it together in some shape or form and if that means we too reach out and lean into the support of friends, family, groups, counsellors, coaches, energy therapist, circles, whatever that support community looks like it matters. It is most important.

If you don’t have one create one or find one.

Questions I am asking too are:

What is it that is breaking down/through for us as a family right now? What inner unresolved pain is our child reflecting back to us? Within my own family and our collective world family?

My husband recently said he can’t stand it anymore. I felt and seen this as he can’t stand what it is forcing him to look at it himself. And look he must. We all must look at ourselves and what our children are mirroring back to us if we are to truly support them through these experiences.

Because the fact is right now there has been a 21% rise in referrals in Northern Ireland over the past 3 years. Last year 10000 young people were treated in Northern Ireland for serious mental health issues. Children as young as 4 are experiencing anxiety and behavioural problems. These facts point to a huge failing in our systems of support for our young people, within our families, communities, and schools. Mental Health services are at breaking points.

Call me cynical these last years I have even played with the idea in my own heart-mind that there is some kind of agenda deliberately set about right now to dis-empower and disable a whole generation of children that have been born into this world to bring about huge waves of change before they have even had a chance to rise into their adulthood. Another huge reason we adults need to wake up and see how to support our children better.

For me as a parent moving through this intense experience right now, I am acutely aware of how much support I need not break down and check out myself. I am having to ensure I am choosing where and when to extend my energy and to choose carefully whom and what I allow into my life right now.

I find it helpful to open dialogue. For too long too many parents have hidden how hard it is for their children and families as they internalise blame, shame and fear of judgement.

I find it necessary to ask questions. So I dive into the heart body mind & spirit of the matter. This is how I am made. This is how I stay focused on my child and stay connected to this as something that is not personally attacking me right now. This is about my child yet every other child moving through similar for me right now.

I like to explore through writing/journaling. In the quiet of the night like now through journaling and reflection, I am seeing threads of connection and openings to deeper exploration as to what is happening collectively to our children in the mental etheric field and how this is impacting them on the daily. How we need to be introducing healing modalities into early childhood education, meditation, sound healing, more creative play is one way.

Then what about our energy bodies, our energetic fields, most people do not know how to connect with this, clear this, and or seal their energy fields, this needs reteaching, as we used to know and understand this so well.

Other open-ended questions with no definite answer yet are.

Is it that a generation of children have been born to have us look in the mirror and reflect us how depressed and anxious we humans are right now? Is it that they are showing up this way so we can finally break through the walls that have left us lacking in empathy and compassion for one another’s pain? Is it that our world is just too much, too intense, too extreme for their sensitive hearts, are we expecting too much too soon? If so, how do we return to balance for them so they can live and feel safe in this world?

It is clear to me that when we are in a society totally breaking down like this, it is because of this world, in our traumas, our fears, the stress of being in our bodies, in our own minds, in our thoughts has simply become too much.

So, our inner wisdom gifts us the medicine, the healing balm needed to let go. To break down and through the fear barriers to the love that has not yet been met or seen or felt. To move into our deepest distress, anxiety, fears is a brave soul choice. One that demands change if support is given and it is understood how we can better support our most vulnerable.

Is it possible that our children are clearing out their own mental and emotional energy bodies and inherited trauma from the generations before at tender young ages so that they can ripen into their power more easily and younger than the generations before them? As they finish the work generations before started and couldn’t do?

Some higher reaching perspectives I am exploring.

Are these experiences shamanic in their nature, sacred initiations of the highest order? I believe so. Is it negative attachment, old spirits attached to our children’s body/energy fields holding on and feeding off our childrens light? If so,  how do we help lost souls move onto the light if they are attached in fear to their depressed states of emotions they lived through in human form?

If our children are in this how do we best support them through?

We need elders who know and understand the soul growth processes and more speaking up about it on behalf of the children. That is not afraid to challenge the model of mental health that are the norm right now. What if what we are labelling as mental illness/ dis-ease are energy clearings? What if this knowledge changed to the landscape of how we nurtured those moving through intense mental body initiations/clearings?

Are we too quick to move into fear and plaster over the wisdom of our children’s soul’s growth movement with medication? Or do some need to medication to help ease these transitions as they are so intense for some?

Speaking as a parent experiencing this with my baby it is hard not to go into fear. To not let it rule the decisions we make for our children when they are vulnerable.

What would happen if we allowed our children the safety of unravelling with non-judgement only compassion and we nurtured them only with love understanding safety and care until they felt at ease again?  What I mean by this exploring, is that on some level the state of our mental body is serving us, protecting us, shielding us, clearing us on some level and that sometimes I don’t feel we have even touched on the ways we can better understand what is happening to us or our children on a mental level when we experience intense breakdown/throughs.

There are many factors to consider. As you can see, I am only a mother living in this and I have no real answers only questions, some possible theories to explore, and more questions. Nothing breaks my heart more than a world with hurting children. I may decide to spend my life exploring more so that I can better support today’s children. I just know this experience is opening something in me that is leading me on a journey inwards and upwards and outwards in unexpected ways

I am curious. What are your feelings? And thoughts on what I wrote? If any. Fair play if you got this far!

In Love & devotion always curious and wondering

Genevieve X

When primed for survival …how do we move through our fear of lack? …

When primed for survival, how do we move through our fear of lack? It first must be seen and witnessed…

When we create from a place of lack and low worth it is possible that we are not aligned and fully in the space of heart centred service.

We may believe that we are offering from a heart centred place because of the type of service that we are offering. Feeling that because the service is aligned with a spiritual teaching or healing modality then we are excluded from anything less than loving in our exchanges.

This is simply not true we are still very human and still moving through some murky human behaviours in particular in and around money. Time again people bring me stories of what I feel is an abuse of power that has taken place. We see fear being used to control manipulate and invite people into services claiming all sorts and those feeling vulunerable who would just about do anything to clear thier pain are being taking on a merry go round of false teachings.

We are moving through years of conditioning that we are not enough, that the only way to succeed is to compete, that somehow in this abundant world there is not enough. Here in the west, we are born into a society that bombards us daily with all of the things we need to be happy, all of it external lacking in substance leaving us constantly thirsty, wanting, with a feeling of lack if we don’t have A.B or C.

With a focus on possession rather than presence is it any wonder this also plays out in our humanness even within spiritual circles and communities.? It shows up when we feel that internal tug of war when we see someone else offering a similar service as us, a rise in that competitive fear-based energy if left unchecked will have its way, it will masterfully manipulate to gain rather than keep us aligned with heart centred service.

It is often unconscious to begin however if we are truly doing our inner work, we will have felt it, seen it and been made aware of its presence within and outside of us.

When we feel it, we may first initially deny its presence, feeling we are far too good-hearted to feel such things? I call BS, we have all been primed for survival to some degree and conditioned to believe in this world that to thrive and survive in it we must compete, be better than, more than, when the truth is when we surrender to trust and co-create with our creator all of this eases, it dissipates. What we have been taught deliberately and most successful keeps us separated. Lost into our own minds with complex inferiority notions, where rampant insecurities drive us forward solely created from the false belief systems in and around lack thus creating fear jealousies and competition to name a few.

If we try to stuff this energy away when it rises and allow it to take us into our it will only rise stronger, it will get shadier, more hidden, manipulative and it will steer the way seeping into our insecurities to all we offer creating blocks to fully receive. 

Inter-fearing with our ability to truly create heart centred loving services with no hooks of obligation or fear-based loyalties to a teacher or school. As these hooks are often insidious and carry with them unspoken old paradigm ways of exchange that are no longer necessary of aligned with heart service work. 

How these vampiric hooks play out in the world of healing and spirituality circles depends varies and be under no illusion they do not exist in you. For the do and have in all of us at some point to varying degrees.

When we are operating out of a space of lack, low worth, fear-based creation it can manifest as…

  • one who offers services and opinions often uninvited when all the person needs is a listening with a genuine compassionate space to unravel in safety.
  • one who offers up that their teaching is the only way, that implies very subtly that they are privy to vital information and teachings that no one else can access, that others are doing it wrong.
  • the one that shows up within circles with the sole purpose to recruit rather than to truly receive, that oversteps the facilitator time and again, by trying to undermine her way, teachings, or guidance.
  • one who over gives and undercharges with a lack of true boundaries and respect for her own time and efforts who often ends up depleted (This was a big one for me.
  • This shadow can present itself as righteous, manipulative, martyrdom, and even as saviour energy. It is something we need to check in with regularly when working with people in service.

If you do feel that internal tug and somewhat triggered by what is written as explore it, and have the courage to navigate into it and feel it.

Begin a conversation with it, what is it teaching you? What is it trying to bring you to? Why is it present? What in you doesn’t feel safe yet?

What I do is recognise that the part of me that falls into patterns of lack, competitiveness, jealousy, fear, are mostly rooted in that small part of me that didn’t feel safe and cared for in this world, to begin with.

So I speak to it, I give it a voice, I reassure the small part of me on the inside that I am now safe and that the world we are part of is richly blessed abundant and can and does meet my needs.

If I am feeling particularly courageous I bring the fear, the feeling, and experience to someone I trust or even the person I felt it with and let them hold space for me to unravel and explore these parts of myself in the safety of non-judgement and compassion recognising that these parts of me are not born out of cruelty only survival.

Knowing I must be willing to meet myself with the same compassion I offer out into this world when the internal tugs of war show up in my conscious awareness. For this path will always require we dig ever deeper to reflect upon and work through everything and anything that blocks us from true heart centred work.

So you see when we create from a place of lack and low worth we are not aligned and fully in the space of heart centred service. We on this path of spiritual awakening must do our own work in and around our feelings of lack and low worth for we need to be able to show up fully prepared to shine and be seen and able to fully give and receive in love.

We must recognise and be willing to explore all that lurks beneath  and follow the hooks of insecurity to its root so that it cannot feed and live off our fear of lack as this will in turn gift us so much freedom and a genuine joy and creativity that will flow endlessly from a space of true heart centred service for all that choose to receive from us and in turn we gain so much more than any amount of money could ever buy.

In Love & Devotion Always

Genevieve Marie Rose






Mother Musings…


What is behind the behaviour that feels it right or necessary to tear a child down. Where is it rooted? Be this our own child or another’s. In words or actions. Also If we are tearing another child down to raise our own up? What drives that? What inside of us drives that behaviour?

When we have been gifted the presence of a child/children in our world.

It is up to us their elders/guides/parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/teachers to see bless and build upon their innocence and gifts. To fill them up with love.

We may see where they struggle in this world and if/when we do it’s an opportunity to choose to fill them with more love. To choose not to tear them down and instead build them up. Fill the cracks with gold and reminders that it’s ok to crack on occasion. To learn and grow from it.

Especially if the child/children are already struggling to see feel or value their own worth. Especially if they are feeling misunderstood and unsafe in this world. Especially if they are already asking to be better heard and understood. How can a child grow into the very best version of themselves if those of us who are gifted their presence fail to see beyond what triggers us into our own reactions?

We can be cheerleading all children whether they are ours or not onward and upwards by consciously choosing to see them in their best light. In love.

By choosing to bless them with our words. Always.

By choosing to acknowledge their gifts. Always.

By being examples in their presence by how we choose to speak in front of them. Always.

Imagine a world where from birth children were seen as they are. Every given moment of their lives as they grew and not just in that flurry of love that falls upon us as they are born and babies. If we always continued to see them as innocent and full of love as a creative loving playful joyful nurturing beings not with some agenda to manipulate or cause harm.

How embodied in love would they be? How deeply connected to the love that they are would they be? Imagine we knew each and every babe born that grew into a child to a teen to an adult was just doing what humans do which is seek to connect love and be present in our lives and have us connect love and be present in theirs.

Imagine we lived in a world where we could all learn how to discipline (guide) our children in the most compassionate loving nurturing ways and not in shameful hurtful aggressive ways.

Unlearning and unravelling together generations of pain by choosing a new way. Knowing it isn’t about blaming or shaming the generations that came before us more about moving through the blocks to love this pain caused and seeing it is also about acknowledging that we all have a choice right now.

Every day we are being gifted deeper levels of awareness daily. Let us use this and put it into action. Every day. In Every moment. Let us acknowledge we have a choice. It may not feel like it when our buttons are pushed to the max and we are tired overworked and overstretched yet we do. Always.

If we momentarily choose badly which we will know that we get to choose again in the next moment. With each passing moment, we do begin to choose wiser and more consciously than before. We grow to trust we can and will choose love more and more. for love does not dominate control or live in fear.

I don’t believe what has been modelled to the majority of us for many generations has been true discipline. Not in it’s truest meaning.

To discipline is to guide not cause harm. If we are using anger violence threats shaming manipulation to gain power over our children then we are creating more of the same that caused harm to begin with. We have mostly learned that discipline is dominance. Power over. Control. It has been mostly feared based. We must be willing to first admit this and see it for what it is so that we can move through it and past it.

I believe the generation of parents in today’s world have been gifted the momentous task of unravelling generations of trauma-based discipline to create new pathways of connection for deeper love to move through. So that the human beings rising up in our world namely our children are more connected to the love that is really inside of them outside of the pain bodies that have been the norm for humans, to take us out of the suffering we have become accustomed to.

To move us past the stories tied to martyrdom and victimization these generational cycles are binding us to. To Freedom.

In a nutshell, we are being gifted a get out clause. A way through a death and rebirth process that will gift our children so much more freedom than many have known for thousands of years. The end of a huge Karmic Cycle that has been rinsed out and repeated for so long its now time to go!

So we are as individuals through our lives our children and parenting journeys being provoked pushed and prodded woke up to deeply to unravel and address our own shadow. This is not easy for us. We are met with resistance, our own and from those outside of us that are still tied to the chains of pain that bind us to a past we don’t need to repeat.

It will take time. It will take Practice. Alongside lots of relearning. Constant rediscovering as we readjust into a more peace-filled flow of connection to co-create a world child can and will always be and feel safe in. I get daily glimpses of heaven on earth of the possibilities for mankind and of where my own inner work is.

What I do know is when one commits to fully loving themselves and begins to meet themselves with more compassion they are more able to meet children in this way too. It spills outwards into every part of our world and to the ways in which we relate to those around us.

I am far from perfect in my home with my children. I have to take time out sometimes daily (quite literally walk away and say I need some space now to prevent the one in me who rages from causing harm.) when I feel and know I am unable to meet my children in their more difficult moments.

I know the cruelty that lives in me alongside the love that lives in me. I am not naive enough to not know the predator energy alive in me that likes to dominate and control. I know the harshness of her tongue, the tension that arises in the body with her presence, I found it hard to accept that such cruelty could live and co-exist inside of me yet knew I have had to learn to accept and love her and the reasons it was present, to begin with, and invite her in to give her a seat within my heart and extend compassion towards this part of myself knowing my children do not need to carry the weight of her pain or frustrations.

Simply because I wanted to model something different for them. Not because I am letting them away with stuff. Only because I feel and see how it can be different. I choose to speak to them about behaviours when there is calm not chaos. In our own time. Together. In privacy. In safety. I believe by choosing not to shame them for feelings or expression in front of others. It builds trust. Connections and stronger bonds of safety within themselves for themselves.

It is mostly experimental for me as I grow as honestly I have no model as such it’s very intuitive and I haven’t a clue if it will make them happier more content adult human beings. That has yet to be revealed. Yet it feels important right now to show them whilst emotions and experiences can be heightened and impact us we all have a moment to choose our actions/reactions.

That emotions are ok. Feelings are part of life. that truthful Expression is so much more than concealment. That they are accepted loved and enough just as they are where ever they are.

Be it Sadness. Anger. Joy. Fear. Happiness. It is all ok.

Whatever is being felt in their bodies is all healthy expression for them in their given moment. It is all welcomed. It is all ok.

It is possible and I am hopeful that by doing this they will be well equipped to hold themselves and ask for what they need when they can’t hold themselves so strong as life throws curve balls in their direction to deal with. Which it envitably will.

In Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose

She whispers – Return to Innocence – Mary Magdalene

She Whispers – Return To Innocence

Mary Magdalene our Beloved Guidess,  a Goddess, a High Priestess, the true Beloved of Christ has been blessing my life for some time now. Moving through me in ways unknown to many. Deeply initiating me into wholeness, as she reminds me of who and what I am in this world.

It makes total sense to me that I would launch this web portal of connection today on her feast day. You know I saw some other beautiful sisters who are also way showers for this beloved Guides vibration upon our planet right now and a slither of doubt entered my consciousness, a thought of I am not the way of the Rose then she reminds in my memories of the words and love that she brings me for you and I remember I am the way, still breaking down old versions of myself and reawakening potent truths.

She has been guiding my life artwork and words behind the scenes flowing effortlessly opening experiences within and around me that have blown my heart and mind wide open.

This painting which moved through me onto the canvas in late 2011 was the first time I felt her strong to the point I couldn’t deny it was her, this painting was titled She Whispers- Return to Innocence…

… ever since I have been consciously working with and answering Mary Magdalene’s call. By answering HER call this has led to this web creation being birthed. So today I wish to offer my first blog as an honouring our beloved Mary Magdalene and some of the magic she has brought to life in my world.

Today as we honour and celebrate our Divine sister Mary Magdalene my hope is that as you feel her connection that you too are reminded of her truth and not what has been watered down and brought to us through what I believe to be false misguided teachings.

Her truth is felt deep within the core of us, in our wombs, in our hearts, in our body temples, she is weaved into the very fabric of our existence. there is no denying her presence and effect upon our world.  Her energy is felt and experienced within and how she chooses to move through us individually will differ but you will know her.

There will be no doubt of her presence as she aligns her presence with you. I have no doubt that you will be forever changed once she does. I know I have. For she is a keeper of wisdom, a high priestess of all that is sacred rites, a symbol of hope and an activator of remembrance.

Here are some words gifted to you from my womb heart and Mary Magdalene’s heart and womb. As she brought them to me on this day last year on her feast day.

“Sisters, can you hear her call?

She whispers to you.
She feels you. 
She is you.
She knows the deep yearning you feel even if you don’t quite understand what it is you yearn for.

She knows how to unlock the secrets that lie within you.

She calls you ever closer.
Into the deepest waters of consciousness.

Blessing you and bathing you within her holy light.

Calling your heart ever inwards.
Enticing you into a sacred dance within.

One that only you can dance through. 
Within her velvet mystery and potent alchemy, she will reveal the way of the Rose to you. 

Revealing the divine presence of the Rose, as her petals sensually unfold open and blossom unveiling her erotic breath of fire.

A fire that rises through your womb upwards into your heart raising you further upwards into the forgotten sacred holy lands.

Where memories awaken.
The purpose is revealed. 
Visions are seen.
Memories are felt.
Secrets are made known.
And ancient wisdom is shared.

Where an inner sacred union is born.

And begins the dance downwards through the very breath of life that sustains you.

Breathing you into wholeness. 

None of it perfect none of it is meant to be. 

Where all of life is holy sacred innocent and pure in heart womb thought and intention filling you with wonder.”

Life is becoming a divine expression of sacred prayer and ecstasy where you radiate divine presence out into the world continuously inspired to unveil the sacred mysteries that only unlocking the yoni gates can bring.

Even today as I put the final touches on this web creation to reveal it to you all I find there are still experiences in this world put in place to create obstacles and feed old patterns and belief systems that attempt to take me off course so I have to daily remind myself of my why, the reason I am on this path and that I AM able to do this.

Today at some point if you feel to create some sacred time to connect with Mary Magdalene light a little candle lay your hands upon your womb and in the silence of your womb heart call in your She whispers and allow yourself to feel just holy sacred holy and innocent you are in this world.

I truly hope you enjoy navigating my heart and my souls expression upon these pages and that you choose to connect with my offerings which will be vast and meet you all on many levels.

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With Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose

She Whispers- Return To Innocence




She Whispers- Return to innocence

She whispers-Return to Innocence

This Blog will be the space I explore and share so much of what moves through me with the intention to inspire you through my love of writing…

So much will be shared within this space for you to explore and feel into. You can expect monthly She whispers into your inbox should you choose to sign up to stay connected.

With Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose