She Whispers- Rose Activation

She whispers – Return To innocence – Way of the Rose

I am asking that you join me for a 3-day ritual.

This ritual will support and nurture you as you move in through any full moon phase in our calendar. It will be readily available through the year for you to connect with and deepen your connection to yourself, our beloved wombs, our moon and her wisdom. Each month with a focus and intention related to what is moving through for each of us.

I will create a sacred womb mandala to hold each and every one of you through this process as well as offer the following:

What you will receive:

She whispers… that will gift you:

  • Info on what you will need to create a sacred altar, space, connection and intention.
  • Daily actions will deepen your connection to your womb
  • Womb activation with instructions on how to receive.
  •  An opening and closing prayer received from my womb-heart for this experience.

An exchange of £22 is asked for this gift to support you at this transformative time.

In love & devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose

She Whispers-Return To Innocence