“Genevieve streams pure love light as she connects with you, body and soul, even across oceans. Her ability to truly see into core needs of her clients is rare and genuine.” Be Essert who received sacred womb work a Facilitator of the Illuminated Priestess Path and Illuminated Magdalene Mysteries. Virginia USA

“Oh Genevieve, I’ve got goosebumps and tears….what has come through you!!!! It’s exquisite and I’m only looking on my phone. In the morning I can see properly on the computer. THANK YOU” Semele Triple Moon – spiritual healing, teaching and readings Wales commissioned and received a painting.

I have attended Genevieve’s workshops & have received IET…You have to experience Genevieve to truly understand…she has the ability to make you extremely happy as tears stream down your face. I believe she has helped me remember who I was & gave me strength & courage. Always grateful Genevieve 🦋” Rois Deeney Buncrana Co.Donegal Ireland 

“I was first told about Genevieve while at a healing workshop… I then went to see Genevieve to get a personal reading and IET… When I met her I was blown away first of all from her amazing energy humbleness love and compassion. There is an aura around her that is pure love…… She intuitively knew what healing I needed….. I have since attended Genevieve workshops and loved being part of them. Genevieve is so welcoming and authentic …when meeting her its like getting a hug from your best friend… She brings so much joy to peoples lives..” Maria Dillion Comiskey Clonmany Co.Donegal Ireland

“Here is a lady who does not fuck given the chance she will cut straight to the core and shit that is affecting your life in a negative way…she will with authenticity and everything she has hold the space for you to release what is no longer serving you -in turn sharing her knowledge, supporting you in the process, clearing a path for new positive energy to enter, bless you in moving forward into a new positive lighter version of you And all whilst being normal humble and down to earth -take the chance to have her support you will not regret it” Michelle Nash our own wee powerhouse of wisdom based in Derry.