The Golden Chalice Meets The Red Rose


She Whispers- Return To Innocence

I was journeying alone one evening back in 2011 and fell into a deep trance-like state when Christ and Mary Magdelene came through together both offering me gifts in the ethers.

Christ offered me a Golden Chalice from which to drink and Mary Madgelene placed a Red Rose within my womb.

This experience not only deepened my connection to them and their guidance at this time, it also opened me up to a whole new level of experience within myself, relationships and this world.

I believe this experience began my initiation into sacred inner union.

I believe this experience activated within me the remembrance of my rose lineage.

I believe this experience gifted me a deeper understanding of the challenges I was facing within my own spiritual path.

I am being asked to bring this transmission to life through the Spoken word for anyone who would like to receive what I did that night through their presence and gift to us at this time.

You can receive this anywhere in the world at any time you wish to receive.

I felt strongly to offer this for the first time on the 11/08/18.

Who is this for?

Any man or woman that feels to deepen their connection with themselves through the love and guidance that Christ and his beloved Mary Magdalene can bring.

For a man, Mary Magdalene will place this Rose and its gift within your Sacral Chakra.

A Loving exchange of £11 is asked for this gift.

What you will receive:

A Recorded Transmission to Listen to on the 11/08/2018 alongside an email with instruction on how to receive.

A beautiful experience that will create lasting loving change within that will be reflected in your outer world from how you feel and connect to yourself and others.