When primed for survival …how do we move through our fear of lack? …

When primed for survival, how do we move through our fear of lack? It first must be seen and witnessed…

When we create from a place of lack and low worth it is possible that we are not aligned and fully in the space of heart centred service.

We may believe that we are offering from a heart centred place because of the type of service that we are offering. Feeling that because the service is aligned with a spiritual teaching or healing modality then we are excluded from anything less than loving in our exchanges.

This is simply not true we are still very human and still moving through some murky human behaviours in particular in and around money. Time again people bring me stories of what I feel is an abuse of power that has taken place. We see fear being used to control manipulate and invite people into services claiming all sorts and those feeling vulunerable who would just about do anything to clear thier pain are being taking on a merry go round of false teachings.

We are moving through years of conditioning that we are not enough, that the only way to succeed is to compete, that somehow in this abundant world there is not enough. Here in the west, we are born into a society that bombards us daily with all of the things we need to be happy, all of it external lacking in substance leaving us constantly thirsty, wanting, with a feeling of lack if we don’t have A.B or C.

With a focus on possession rather than presence is it any wonder this also plays out in our humanness even within spiritual circles and communities.? It shows up when we feel that internal tug of war when we see someone else offering a similar service as us, a rise in that competitive fear-based energy if left unchecked will have its way, it will masterfully manipulate to gain rather than keep us aligned with heart centred service.

It is often unconscious to begin however if we are truly doing our inner work, we will have felt it, seen it and been made aware of its presence within and outside of us.

When we feel it, we may first initially deny its presence, feeling we are far too good-hearted to feel such things? I call BS, we have all been primed for survival to some degree and conditioned to believe in this world that to thrive and survive in it we must compete, be better than, more than, when the truth is when we surrender to trust and co-create with our creator all of this eases, it dissipates. What we have been taught deliberately and most successful keeps us separated. Lost into our own minds with complex inferiority notions, where rampant insecurities drive us forward solely created from the false belief systems in and around lack thus creating fear jealousies and competition to name a few.

If we try to stuff this energy away when it rises and allow it to take us into our it will only rise stronger, it will get shadier, more hidden, manipulative and it will steer the way seeping into our insecurities to all we offer creating blocks to fully receive. 

Inter-fearing with our ability to truly create heart centred loving services with no hooks of obligation or fear-based loyalties to a teacher or school. As these hooks are often insidious and carry with them unspoken old paradigm ways of exchange that are no longer necessary of aligned with heart service work. 

How these vampiric hooks play out in the world of healing and spirituality circles depends varies and be under no illusion they do not exist in you. For the do and have in all of us at some point to varying degrees.

When we are operating out of a space of lack, low worth, fear-based creation it can manifest as…

  • one who offers services and opinions often uninvited when all the person needs is a listening with a genuine compassionate space to unravel in safety.
  • one who offers up that their teaching is the only way, that implies very subtly that they are privy to vital information and teachings that no one else can access, that others are doing it wrong.
  • the one that shows up within circles with the sole purpose to recruit rather than to truly receive, that oversteps the facilitator time and again, by trying to undermine her way, teachings, or guidance.
  • one who over gives and undercharges with a lack of true boundaries and respect for her own time and efforts who often ends up depleted (This was a big one for me.
  • This shadow can present itself as righteous, manipulative, martyrdom, and even as saviour energy. It is something we need to check in with regularly when working with people in service.

If you do feel that internal tug and somewhat triggered by what is written as explore it, and have the courage to navigate into it and feel it.

Begin a conversation with it, what is it teaching you? What is it trying to bring you to? Why is it present? What in you doesn’t feel safe yet?

What I do is recognise that the part of me that falls into patterns of lack, competitiveness, jealousy, fear, are mostly rooted in that small part of me that didn’t feel safe and cared for in this world, to begin with.

So I speak to it, I give it a voice, I reassure the small part of me on the inside that I am now safe and that the world we are part of is richly blessed abundant and can and does meet my needs.

If I am feeling particularly courageous I bring the fear, the feeling, and experience to someone I trust or even the person I felt it with and let them hold space for me to unravel and explore these parts of myself in the safety of non-judgement and compassion recognising that these parts of me are not born out of cruelty only survival.

Knowing I must be willing to meet myself with the same compassion I offer out into this world when the internal tugs of war show up in my conscious awareness. For this path will always require we dig ever deeper to reflect upon and work through everything and anything that blocks us from true heart centred work.

So you see when we create from a place of lack and low worth we are not aligned and fully in the space of heart centred service. We on this path of spiritual awakening must do our own work in and around our feelings of lack and low worth for we need to be able to show up fully prepared to shine and be seen and able to fully give and receive in love.

We must recognise and be willing to explore all that lurks beneath  and follow the hooks of insecurity to its root so that it cannot feed and live off our fear of lack as this will in turn gift us so much freedom and a genuine joy and creativity that will flow endlessly from a space of true heart centred service for all that choose to receive from us and in turn we gain so much more than any amount of money could ever buy.

In Love & Devotion Always

Genevieve Marie Rose






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