She whispers – Return to Innocence – Mary Magdalene

She Whispers – Return To Innocence

Mary Magdalene our Beloved Guidess,  a Goddess, a High Priestess, the true Beloved of Christ has been blessing my life for some time now. Moving through me in ways unknown to many. Deeply initiating me into wholeness, as she reminds me of who and what I am in this world.

It makes total sense to me that I would launch this web portal of connection today on her feast day. You know I saw some other beautiful sisters who are also way showers for this beloved Guides vibration upon our planet right now and a slither of doubt entered my consciousness, a thought of I am not the way of the Rose then she reminds in my memories of the words and love that she brings me for you and I remember I am the way, still breaking down old versions of myself and reawakening potent truths.

She has been guiding my life artwork and words behind the scenes flowing effortlessly opening experiences within and around me that have blown my heart and mind wide open.

This painting which moved through me onto the canvas in late 2011 was the first time I felt her strong to the point I couldn’t deny it was her, this painting was titled She Whispers- Return to Innocence…

… ever since I have been consciously working with and answering Mary Magdalene’s call. By answering HER call this has led to this web creation being birthed. So today I wish to offer my first blog as an honouring our beloved Mary Magdalene and some of the magic she has brought to life in my world.

Today as we honour and celebrate our Divine sister Mary Magdalene my hope is that as you feel her connection that you too are reminded of her truth and not what has been watered down and brought to us through what I believe to be false misguided teachings.

Her truth is felt deep within the core of us, in our wombs, in our hearts, in our body temples, she is weaved into the very fabric of our existence. there is no denying her presence and effect upon our world.  Her energy is felt and experienced within and how she chooses to move through us individually will differ but you will know her.

There will be no doubt of her presence as she aligns her presence with you. I have no doubt that you will be forever changed once she does. I know I have. For she is a keeper of wisdom, a high priestess of all that is sacred rites, a symbol of hope and an activator of remembrance.

Here are some words gifted to you from my womb heart and Mary Magdalene’s heart and womb. As she brought them to me on this day last year on her feast day.

“Sisters, can you hear her call?

She whispers to you.
She feels you. 
She is you.
She knows the deep yearning you feel even if you don’t quite understand what it is you yearn for.

She knows how to unlock the secrets that lie within you.

She calls you ever closer.
Into the deepest waters of consciousness.

Blessing you and bathing you within her holy light.

Calling your heart ever inwards.
Enticing you into a sacred dance within.

One that only you can dance through. 
Within her velvet mystery and potent alchemy, she will reveal the way of the Rose to you. 

Revealing the divine presence of the Rose, as her petals sensually unfold open and blossom unveiling her erotic breath of fire.

A fire that rises through your womb upwards into your heart raising you further upwards into the forgotten sacred holy lands.

Where memories awaken.
The purpose is revealed. 
Visions are seen.
Memories are felt.
Secrets are made known.
And ancient wisdom is shared.

Where an inner sacred union is born.

And begins the dance downwards through the very breath of life that sustains you.

Breathing you into wholeness. 

None of it perfect none of it is meant to be. 

Where all of life is holy sacred innocent and pure in heart womb thought and intention filling you with wonder.”

Life is becoming a divine expression of sacred prayer and ecstasy where you radiate divine presence out into the world continuously inspired to unveil the sacred mysteries that only unlocking the yoni gates can bring.

Even today as I put the final touches on this web creation to reveal it to you all I find there are still experiences in this world put in place to create obstacles and feed old patterns and belief systems that attempt to take me off course so I have to daily remind myself of my why, the reason I am on this path and that I AM able to do this.

Today at some point if you feel to create some sacred time to connect with Mary Magdalene light a little candle lay your hands upon your womb and in the silence of your womb heart call in your She whispers and allow yourself to feel just holy sacred holy and innocent you are in this world.

I truly hope you enjoy navigating my heart and my souls expression upon these pages and that you choose to connect with my offerings which will be vast and meet you all on many levels.

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With Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose

She Whispers- Return To Innocence




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