Wombanly Innocence

She whispers – Return to Innocence

Wombanly Innocence

A woman connected to herself through the whole of her body is an activator of the highest order for a change in this world, we only need to be in the company of such a woman to feel a shift in our lives. Right now our world needs us to be fully turned on and connected to all that truly matters so that we are able to decipher the difference between fickle distractions and genuine heart calls into action.

For a woman to be truly connected with herself she must be willing and able to meet herself within her womb space, she must be open to some deep diving into her wounding and power in and around her relationship to intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality to guide herself back to a place of unshakable love and devotion to all that she is and all that she stands for.

She must remember who she is past what she has been told she is. She must be willing to take a stand for what she believes in even if she still feels the remnant of fear from ages gone by. She must remember herself as holy sacred and innocent even if the world to date has taught her she is not.

Here we will remember the ways of old by demystifying the mystery of our wombs, her power, wisdom, and message as we learn that the most powerful oracle we can commune with is right between our beautiful soft thighs. That the cosmic womb of the mother is home to us all. Lives in us all. She has been whispering to us for years it is time to listen deeply with a presence like never before.

For we women to know our wombs and her secrets we must learn to navigate this world as nature intended outside of patriarchy. We must be willing to cycle with our worlds natural rhythms once again, be open to working with our blood flow beyond a tool for getting pregnant or not pregnant.

We must be willing to start a conversation and explore the sacred landscape of our bodies and all its innocent pleasures moving whilst through our fears and shame around owning our own pleasure. We have to challenge the ideas and conditioning that is rife in our world that lays claim upon the female body in ways that only serve to cause us harm.

Expect conversations/topics of a triggering nature, truthful revelations of my own journey from sexual trauma to sexual healing, along with sacred offerings to work with me on a soul level so that I may empower you to connect with your self and raise your own self -esteem as you begin to answer her call home to yourself, your nature, and your body.

In Love & Devotion

Genevieve Marie Rose